Silver Circle 

Our “Silver Circle” includes Club members who have been active in the Grapevine Garden Club for at least 25 years! They are our Club’s timeless treasures and throughout the year, they will be recognized at our meetings, activities, and events.

The 2021 - 2022 Silver Circle members include Barbara Atkins, Rachel Clark, Jimmie Nell Cook, Sarah Erickson, Paul Ernst, Paula Jones, Joetta King, Barbara Munn, Sharron (Spencer) Rogers, Sylvan Sigler, Joan Stewart, Marty Swindell, and Edie Williams. 

We will have a special "Silver Circle Plants" section at the annual Spring plant sale where we will highlight some of their treasured plants.  

Each month a member of the Silver Circle will be featured in the GGC newsletter.

Read more about Joetta King in the October 2021, page 6, GGC newsletter. 

Read more about Barbara Atkins and Sarah Erickson in the November 2021, page 4, GGC newsletter. 

Read more about Rachel Clark and Paul Ernst in the December 2021, page 4, GGC newsletter. 

Read more about Sharron (Spencer) Rogers in the January 2022, page 4, GGC newsletter. 

Read more about Paula Jones and Barbara Munn in the March 2022, page 5, GGC newsletter. 

Read more about Joan Stewart and Sylvan Sigler in the April 2022, page 9-10, GGC newsletter. 

Read more about Marty Swindell, Edie Williams and Jimmy Nell Cook in the May 2022, page 8-9 newsletter. 

Thank you to all thirteen Silver Circle members for your insight, knowledge, and commitment to the Grapevine Garden Club. There is almost 450 years of paying dues, donating time and money so we can have a garden club to be proud of. Thank you to all of our current members waiting to become Silver Circle members. The circle continues to grow as we grow.