GGC Video Programs

March 2022 Lights Out for Wildlife is presented by Ben Jones, of the Texas Conservation Alliance. His presentation explains how to save migratory birds from light pollution induced collisions.  Click here to watch. 

February 2022 Bird Food With Wings: All About Moths! is presented by Sam Kieschnick, Texas Parks & Wildlife Urban Biologist. He explains how interesting moths are and how to identify various species. Click here to watch 

January, 2022 The Many Ways to Propagate Plants and Cultivate Friendship is presented by Wanda Stutsman, Tarrant County Master Gardener.  Click here to watch. 

November, 2021 My Photographic far presented by Larry Waisanen. He discusses some basic garden, botanical and landscape photography concepts he has learned over the years and demonstrates how to apply them to photography. Click here to watch. 

October, 2021 Behind the Scenes at the Dallas Arboretum presented by Denise and Max Davis, volunteers at the Dallas Arboretum. The video presents an overview of what it takes to keep the Arboretum beautiful year round, and how the staff prepares the garden beds to flow from one festival to another.  Click here to watch 

September, 2021 Weather Changes Impacting Gardening presented by Jeff Ray, Channel 11 Meteorologist and fellow gardener. Jeff has started a weekly Gardening 101 TV series. He talks about how weather changes around the world and across north Texas will changes in how we garden.  Click here to watch video. or Click here for Jeff's presentation. 

Jeff Ray hosts a weekly Gardening 101 show on CBS Channel 11.  Click here to watch the Gardening 101 shows. 

April, 2021  Love It or Leave It  Find inspiration for transforming specific areas into gardens that you love. Lots of before and after descriptions and pictures will be presented.   Click here to watch 

March, 2021  On Golden Pond  Ponds are some of the most popular types of landscape features bringing a whole other dimension to outdoor living spaces.  Sandra Bowen shares her research and experiences with ponds.  Click Here to watch 

February, 2021  Citizen Science  What if you find a plant or bug but don't know what it is?  Citizen science is a useful tool to discover these answers. Sam Kieschnick explains how to use the iNaturalist app.  Click Here to watch 

Janaury 2021  Beneficial Insects Gail Manning is the entomologist at the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens and a monarch butterfly conservationist. The program showcases beneficial insects and how to attract and keep them in your garden with insectary flowers and habitat.    Click here to watch

November, 2020  Ikebana Grows Around the World A brief history of Ikebana and beautiful examples of arrangements of the many different ikebana schools.   Click here to watch 

October 27, 2020  Bats  Kate Rudogren, Director of Special Projects of the Bat World Sanctuary in Arlington Texas, revealed the many ways that bats impact life on earth, and explored some of the myths and mysteries surrounding these misunderstood mammals. Click here to watch.  Click here to watch

September 22, 2020  Remarkable Native Plants for Diverse Home Gardens  Betsy Marsh, a local educator and native plant enthusiast, shares her own adventures with native plants, explains why they make a difference and helps you find the right native plants for your home garden or landscape.  Click here to watch

February 25, 2020  Lawn Gone  Randy Johnson, who has served as Director of Horticulture at the Texas Discovery Gardens,  discusses how to reduce or eliminate your lawn and replace it with a beautiful, functional, native-centric landscape.  Click here to watch

January 28, 2020 Japanese Gardens  Nick Esthus, Senior Gardener for the Fort Worth Japanese Garden, addresses themes, inspiration and cultural influence of Japanese gardens, both within Japan and abroad -- and how to recreate them in our own gardens. After the morning program, Mr Esthus visited the Grapevine Botanic Garden for a hands-on demonstration of tree pruning. Click here to watch both programs (separate videos)

November 26, 2019 Vines  Steve Huddleston, Senior Horticulturist at the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens, consider vines to be "Di-vine" plants for vertical spaces, and discusses which ones to grow where in North Texas. Click here to watch the program

October 22, 2019 Foodscaping  Daniel Cunningham, horticulturist for Texas A&M AgriLife's Water University program, will teach us how to incorporate edible plants into our home garden and landscape by taking advantage of their ornamental value.  Click here to watch the program.

September 26, 2019 Sex In the Garden  Janet Smith, Master Gardener and Master Naturalists presented an entertaining and educational talk describing what really goes on in our gardens: pollinators. You will never look at the garden in the same old way again.  Click here to watch the program.

March 26, 2019  Beekeeping  Our speaker, Chris Coy, started beekeeping in 2012 and is passionate about educating others about these insects who are a vital part of our food chain. Beekeeping opens a fascinating world of how honey bees work, organize their colonies, and affect a third of our food through pollination.  Click here to watch the program.

February 26, 2019  Favorite Plants for North Texas Monarchs What do Monarch butterflies need as they travel through north Texas? Carol Clark, Conservation Specialist with Monarch Watch and longtime member of the Native Plant Society of Texas, introduces plants Monarch butterflies look for and use most as they travel through Texas. Click here to watch the program.

January 22, 2019 Experiencing the Monarch Migration, where we saw firsthand one of the most amazing natural phenomena – the migration of millions of butterflies from breeding grounds in the USA and Canada to overwintering sites in the mountains of south central Mexico. Click here to watch the program

November 27, 2018  Creating Public Gardens program presented by Matt Nicolette, of Studio Outside shows us the process they use to design public landscapes that provide the ultimate in respite and enjoyment.  Click here to watch the program

September 25, 2018  Blooms & Beyond - Year Round Color program presented by Toni Moorehead, a Tarrant County Master Gardener and Landscape Professional. She writes a blog titled A list of the plants mentioned in the program is attached.  Click here to watch the program